Wednesday, February 24, 2010

99cent alert**********

Hey Karen! the 99cent store has Romaine Hearts 3 pack, 10lb russet potatoes(I know it's
white food, but sometime you gotta have a tater!) also broccoli or cauliflower heads 99cents. 3 cucumbers @99, 2 red or green peppers 99cents. Bumble bee albacore tuna in
a pouch 99c, no limit! Also, for for your furry friend, Pedigree Marrobone(not sure if
it's on Lucky's diet?) And last of all for those still sitting in the car on the CELL PHONE!!! a universal handsfree headset for, you got it 99cents!!!! Buy one and save lives!

1 comment:

KarenJ said...

Hands free for 99¢ - gotta try it. thanks!