Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vons, Jons and TJ's

Well, I went to Vons and they were out of the 3 for $1 avacados...BUT you can get a "rain check", nice to know. 

A beautiful head of cauliflower was a dime less than Trader Joe's BUT, Jons, which usually is best on produce had a crappy price on ugly little cauliflowers.  They did have 3 bunches of radishes for a $1 though and bagged lettuce for $1.50 on sale, for not sure how long, call first. 

Back to Vons they had a pound of pistachios for $4.99 usually $6.99 and Vitali Vodka for $7.99 usually $9.99 - BUT the best deal was Wesson Canola Oil, usually $6.15 it was ONLY $2.49.

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