Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vons vs Trader Joe's

Von's has boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.77 a lb...smoking deal  BUT WATCH OUT - their beautiful heads of cauliflower which I thought was $1.69 each I realized when I got home was $.169 a pound...Trader Joe's is $1.70 apiece - I  blew it! And I blew it again...Vons does have a bagged lettuce on sale for a $1.99...but I picked a bag off the shelf while they were re-stocking...Wrong Brand...I got home and realized I picked up the $3.99 a bag - shame on me but shame on Vons for not changing the sale sign first.  Trader Joes has raised the price of most bagged lettuce to $1.99 from $1.69 but usually what you see is what you get.  

The sign on those yummy baked Snapea Crisps said 99¢ not true, it was $1.50, only a 39¢ savings...I  don't know how that snafu occurred -  Lesson learned - be more scrupulous...check those signs and your receipt before you leave.  I should have just picked up the chicken  breasts at Vons and left.  (also got a a 2lb bag of mixed veggies for $2.50)...but I could have waited on the other stuff...not sure if it's work time and money to bring it back.  

Sale lasts through the 8th of December.

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