Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wow, I didn't know Porterhouse and T-Bone were the same cut...but Porthouse is the first one.  So, you think I'm a geek. Porthouse/T-Bone Vons on sale (if you buy 3) at $3.77 a lb. (until Friday the 1st). Smart Balace $3.59 for the 2 pack (their online ad doesn't list it).

I was going to go to Ralphs because they had T-Bone for $5.99 a lb - but I thought, check Vons, they are both in Studio City, what the heck and lotsa dollars saved because of it.  They do have radishes, green onions and iceberg lettuce on sale until 1/5/10! Might have to stop by.

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